New trend is to use banana leaves to pack food in Vietnamese supermarkets

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In the morning of April 2, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong (35 years old) went to Co.op Food supermarket near Le Thanh apartment (Binh Tan district), when choosing okra, braised vegetables, onions ... she noticed all vegetables , bulbs here are wrapped in banana leaves. “Using banana leaves to wrap food makes me remember about the small days, the women and mothers went to the market and also used banana leaves for food. Vegetables and tubers wrapped in banana leaves make me feel like vegetables just picked in the garden, hand-picked banana leaves brought back"

The use of new banana leaf wrap has been implemented in many supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City in the past few days, but has created many good effects. According to Saigon Co.op, many supermarkets in the retail system of this unit have deployed vegetables with banana leaves, especially leafy vegetables.

Vegetables are wrapped in banana leaves green fresh supermarkets being applied

On April 3, Big C supermarket system in the South and the Central region also applied banana leaves to natural products of the Community Livelihoods Support Project in Son Ha District, Quang. Ngai. Previously, Big C in Hanoi applied banana leaf vegetable packaging to products: celery, green asparagus, cilantro, basil, lettuce, lettuce, herbs, dill ...

"In the short term, supermarkets will apply a vegetable package with banana leaves continuously for 1 month, starting from 1/4, then study to expand this job" - Big C representative said. Lottemart system has also implemented a denial of vegetables instead of plastic bags at supermarkets in District 7.

According to the research, although it is also desirable to apply banana leaves instead of plastic to wrap food, many supermarkets and clean food stores think that it is necessary to have a food safety and hygiene roadmap and standards.

Many stores still said that it is necessary to have a route to enter the race and not follow the movement
“The products of our store must meet Oganic standards, so even banana leaves used to wrap products must be planted in private gardens and meet this standard. Therefore, this job is very difficult. Moreover, Vietnam is a tropical country, hot and humid, bacteria everywhere so using banana leaf wrap products is not the best option. In my opinion, the change must have a long-term and sustainable plan, but cannot follow the movement ”- Ms. Minh Thao, owner of an Organic food store in Q.10 shared.

Ms. Thao also said that, with her store, to minimize the use of plastic bags, she used biodegradable bags to wrap food. The use of banana leaves cannot be said to be done immediately.

Previously, a Thai supermarket had devised a way to minimize the harmful effects of using plastic bags very effectively, by wrapping up its selling products with bananas. This idea is quickly supported by the community, consumers and spread to many food stores and supermarkets in Vietnam.

Source: Tiền phong News

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